Gus and Elena's Pacific Crest Trail Trek

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What is the Pacific Crest Trail Campaign?
Gus Wimberger, 18, is an outdoor enthusiast who will be graduating from Foss High School in the spring. Elena Wimberger, 22, is an avid adventurer who will be earning her B.A. in Politics with a minor in Spanish from Willamette University this spring. Along the way they’ll be raising funds to support Etta Projects’ initiatives in Bolivia, empowering local communities.
How does it work?
Gus and Elena will be attempting to raise a goal amount of $5,326, (one dollar for each mile they hike) in order to fund and support projects, families and communities through Etta Projects.
Where does my money go?
100% of donations go to Etta Projects. You will be able to see directly where your money is put to use in the communities.
Why participate?
Help make Gus and Elena’s trek meaningful by changing lives of those in Bolivian communities!


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Promoting Community Transformation

Hiking for a Cause! Gus and Elena will hike from Mexico to Canada on the PCT to support Etta Projects and their work in rural villages in Bolivia. Please continue to check out their blog for regular updates of their journey.

Gus and Elena

Elena and Gus recognize the honor of having this experience. They want to make it something that is much bigger and more meaningful than just two young people trekking a great trail. On this trek they want to create understanding about daily issues in the developing world.

Their blog will not only describe what it is like to live a nomadic hiking lifestyle, but also reflect on living without everyday comforts such as clean water, toilets, easily accessible food and nearby hospitals. They hope to put reflection into action through your donations that will directly support rural villages in Bolivia by implementing water, sanitation, health and nutrition programs. They chose to collaborate with Etta Projects because they agree with their philosophy of sustainable development – the conviction that local people know their needs best and that they also have the power to meet those needs.

Please take this next step with Elena and Gus by supporting their effort to alleviate poverty in rural Bolivia. Your generosity will help them raise $5,326 — one dollar for each mile of their excursion.

At this time, Gus, Elena and Etta Projects are funding sanitation programs. Help them construct eco latrines!

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Read stories of real lives changed

Etta Projects. Attainable. Sustainable. Results. Empowering Bolivian communities to transcend the limitations of poverty.

Etta Projects’ mission is to partner with Bolivian communities to implement sustainable solutions to the challenges of poverty, while educating and inspiring North Americans to act for positive change.